Plan Age
Drawing 2.5 yrs to 10th Standard
Craft 2.5 yrs to 10th Standard
Combo Plan (Drawing & Craft) 2.5 yrs to 4th Standard
Sketchig & Painting 8th to 10th Standard
Pre-Foundation(1 Year) 9th Standard
Calligraphy 5th to 7th Standard
Calligraphy (3 months) 8th Onwards
Creative Drawing & Painting Workshop 2.5 yrs to 8th Standard
Plan Age
Elementary 7th to 10th Standard
Elementary + Intermediate
Gov. Exam(1) Sketching & Painting
Plan Age
Creative Art Workshop 9th Standard Onwards
Sketching & Painting
Creative Texture Painting
Clay Work
Card Making
Paper Cutting Lamps/Quilling
Paper Bags/Envelope
Digital Painting
Pottery Making
Canvas Painting
2D Murals
Wood Cutting
Button My Letter
Scrap Book
Light Catcher
String Art
Stamp My Tote
Paint & Bake
Paint on Cloth
Paint My Sneakers
Deco Art
3D Pen Work